RED is the colour of Determination, Passion, Power, Strength, Energy, Desire & Love.
We are a team of women, who are determined to feel & look good when we train. We are passionate about activewear. Not just when we train. Our favourite thing to wear on busy days or those days were nothing else feels good, is activewear. Our biggest bug bear is leggings that just don’t fit right! Some of us have small legs and some of us are tall. Some of us are skinny and some of us are curvy.   Our collection is designed to show power and strength, be comfortable and fit well, to enhance those body parts you’ve worked hard on or help pull you in on those days that you need that extra bit of confidence.  Our luxurious, thick, breathable fabrics ensure your body stays cool whilst you train retaining your energy.  Our desire is to have an affordable, high quality activewear wardrobe. We love the environment and care about our material sources and sustainable manufacturing.
Welcome to RED RUN
A new beginning for activewear
Made in Portugal - designed in UK - produced to fit right.